This resignation bothers me. I've seen it over and over again in people towards their relationships with other people; in myself even. 

This resignation is surely the realistic view of things. But I believe that it is a coping mechanism. For it's too painful to be unresigned to the way things are for long periods of time. Hope is painful. But, things are not changed by the resigned. And I believe that prayer, fervent, heartfelt, tear-filled prayer, works miracles. If I may influence a change for the better through my turmoil of soul, I pray to be unresigned. Monica never resigned herself to her son's spiritual battle of 17 years. She prayed without ceasing for his salvation, and I have no doubt that her prayers accomplished much. Unresign us, Lord. Open our hearts to feel as You do for the lost, for broken relationships; and help us to quietly soften hearts through the pouring out of our own. In my own life, also, I pray to be unresigned to my state of sanctification. To have my eyes opened to sin in my life. This prayer will be answered, but it won't be pretty. Once you begin to see the ugly handprint of sin all over your life, it forces you back to your knees to beg for forgiveness and help to conquer the sin you had previously been blinded to. It brought me much closer to God because of the dependence I learned through it.
I'm going to put it on my wall: "Unresign me." because I need to daily be reminded. I beg Him to apply His gentle hand to the hard hearts of the unsaved, to provoke renewal. And to do the same for me. My heart is hardened in some ways, I know. I need renewal every day. Oh, Lord, spring up in my heart like a living well.


  1. This is beautiful, Shaina. Thank you for sharing!


  2. Shaina, wow, well said, and so true!



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